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Hey guys :) alot of people have been asking me how to gain followers, so I decided to make a tumblr tips page! Hope this helps!

1.) Have a blog with a theme- The best way to gain followers is to have a themed blog. Although personal blogs are the most common, you will not get alot of followers with one because not everyone can relate to what your reblogging. Pick a themed blog (boho, fashion, hipster, summer, winter), theres lots of options! Once you pick a theme, you’ll get lots of followers who have the same theme. If you have a personal blog, consider changing, because you will not gain alot of followers with one.

2.) Have a good URL- The first thing that people see when you reblog their picture, or promo, or anything, is your URL. Your URL should always match your theme. If your a boho blog, your URL can include words such as bohemian, serenity, ocean, culture, vanilla, bliss, or something that matches your theme! I’m telling you, because I do this often. When I pick my solo promo winners, most of the time I go by the URL, so have a good one, & make sure it matches your theme!

3.) Be nice to everyone!- When someone messages you to check out their blog, or do promos with them, always respond nicely. The only time I ever give attitude is if I get rude anons. or if someone messages me continuously. Dont be surprised if I unfollow you, or block you if your rude to me & my followers. There is no reason for you to be mean, and if your going to have a negative attitude, then you shouldn’t be on tumblr.

4.) Read peoples FAQ’s- There is nothing more frustrating then getting a question that is answered already in my FAQ. It is there for a reason guys, please read it! 99% of the time, a question that you ask someone is already answered for you in that persons FAQ! If you read it, it will benefit you.

5.) Ask people to check out your blog- This is really important guys! When I first started my blog, I used to hit ask limit every hour because I would ask almost everyone to check out my blog. You have to get your name out there, and eventually you will start to meet people and do promos and get followers! Do not expect to get followers if you just go on and stare at your dashboard. Take time to get to know people, and never be afraid to ask someone to check out your blog, the WORST they can say is no!

6.) Keep your blog updated- I unfollow people ALL the time who dont update their blog in 1-2 days. You have to reblog guys! I understand how sometimes you just dont have the time, but even reblogging a few pictures can make a difference. Also, make sure your blog isn’t messy. You should not keep text posts on your blog for a long time. The only time you should have numerous texts posts up is if your doing a honesty hour, or if your promoting people who are voting for you or something. Other than that, your blog should be clean, organized, and well kept!

7.) Have a good theme- No matter how good your posts are, they will not look good unless you have a good theme. If you have a boho, fashion, hipster, or summer blog, I would either get narnia, or blink and its over. If you have a personal blog, I would get the one column theme. I do not give out the code to my theme, but you can find lots of good themes that are free, or only $3.00. If you dont have a good theme, most of the time I will not follow you

Once you have 1000 followers, be sure to read these tips!-

8.) Start to make your own promos- The hard part is over! Now that you have 1000+ followers, you’ll be able to make promos, and they will get notes. Start small, with first 10 & 15 and start to work your way up. Dont make a first 50 and expect it to reach, that is NOT going to happen. You have a better chance of gaining followers if the promos actually reach!

9.) Start to do double, continuous, & group promos with people- Find people that your friendly with who have similar amounts of followers to you, and do double promos with them. Its such an easy way to gain followers. plus, both people will gain so most likely you will do them more often. Once you become really friendly with people, try to organize group promos. Also, continuous promos gain me so many followers, so read peoples FAQ’s, and if you can do one with them, definitely do it!

10.) Just have fun!- In the end, although everyone wants followers, thats not what tumblr is about. Its a great way to get to know people. I have met so many nice people that I love to talk to on a daily basis, and thats what matters most! If you like your blog, and your followers, then thats all that matters!

Thanks for reading guys! I hope this helps you out & I hope I was able to answer some of your questions. If you need anything, feel free to message me!